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    New scan of GGXrd for your console version. The lobbies will be similar to those of BB Chrono Phantasma. The mission mode is equal to chalenge mode that has been running in BlazBlue, where you can practice combos. And as you can see, the story mode will remain the visual novel style, which makes me happy because I would hate to do the same to Netherrealm studios and the story ended up being a film about five hours.

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    far cry 3 + far cry 4 

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    I remembered that someone asked me what my room looked like and I told them, “A hot gamer mess.” When they asked what it was I told them “it looks like games threw up everywhere with some Anime here and there” and they just laughed.

    Welp…this is my side of my room. I’ve moved to a new place recently and I’m still not done adding more things yet. I still have at least 14 more posters to put up on the other side and statues to put up.

    I love my room.


    Just don't tell me this doesn't mean the world, 'cause my ears would bleed and my heart would hit the floor.

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    Batman movie props & costumes at Comic-Con 2014.
    I have more pictures here.

    savonaut !!!!!


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  2. The Drunken Whaler (Full Version) - Copilot Strategic Sound + Music Dishonored Original Game Soundtrack

    Feed him to the hungry rats for dinner
    Early in the morning
    Shoot him through the heart with a loaded pistol
    Early in the morning

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    If you ever find a severed hand attached to a gun when you’re playing Resident Evil, you’re probably going to get attacked by whatever did it.

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    We’ll see her again. And soon.

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  3. Do you know any good places to get the Iwatobi jacket (like cheap but also good quality)? All the ones on Amazon are like $70-80 ish, and I'm not sure which are good quality on Ebay (since a lot don't have reviews)... @_@



    I happen to know of two places!!

    Again, If anyone want to add other stores, feel free to do so!!

    Good luck, anon!! 

    Goddamn you, Simmons!

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    Photos in which you can see Serah’s bra.

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